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Dr Anusree Biswas Sasidharan

I would like to support RHF to be its best self, to provide a service to the Brighton and Hove to feel confident in report race hate crimes.  The current staff have helped move RHF forward in a positive direction and  I want to use my skills, passion and connections to support them to keep moving the agenda forward.  I am a part of the Sussex Police’s hate crimes panel, Bridging Change and Policy and Resources Committee and would like to use my influence in support of RHF to become stronger and more sustainable.


Please list the skills and experience that make you a good trustee


I feel I am able to offer advice around the relationship with the police and local authority, having worked with both.  I would like to consider how to build stronger relationships with both organisations and see RHF build stronger links with areas such as housing and health.  I would also like to see RHF build links with similar organisations, recently I spoke with a CEO in London who was leading a similar organisation to RHF.  


I also have an interest in building stronger infrastructure and putting systems in place that make the recording of hate crimes better and more transparent so we have better evidence of the work that RHF does.  I am good at providing a critical eye on policy, reports, etc. and would be a keen to support RHF in this.


I would like to see RHF succeed and am good at being a critical friend to make this RHF become stronger, more resilient and sustainable.