Racial Harassment Forum Brighton & Hove

RHF advocates and supports people affected by racist and faith hate incidents to increase reporting in Brighton & Hove. RHF also liaises and scrutinises organisations to make effective anti-racist policies and improve ways of working. RHF works in partnership with their members, wider communities, statutory and voluntary sectors.

RHF works alongside local strategic partnerships to tackle Hate Crime and discrimination, encourage reporting and provide independent support and information to the individuals and communities affects. Through reporting directly from victims/communities affected, RHF is able to build trust have greater understanding of, and address specific issues faced by people affected.
RHF also engages directly with our stakeholders, conducts own research and uses wider regional/national research and data.

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Recent Blog Posts

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Our recent Anti Racist Campaign leaflet.


Third Party Recording Centre You can now report hate incidents to us in a confidential safe space.

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