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Mahir Chowdhury
Chair (Trustee)

I have been a member of RHF for numerous years and am fully committed to its aims and objectives. I have been giving my time and dedication to ensure that I can make positive differences in Brighton and Hove and surrounding area. 

I would like to be a trustee as I am passionate about helping the minority community resolving their Issues and giving the marginalised community a voice.

I have transferable skills that come from years of working with many other Charities and voluntary organisations and managing my own business. I am also founder member of local Mosque. 


Please list the skills and experience that make you a good trustee


Leadership, Management, Organising, Decision making, Recruiting, Marketing, Presenting, interpersonal/Teamwork, handling difficult situation, Communication skills, finance, chairing meeting, time management and managing priorities, listening skills, conflict management, operational management