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Jerome Lee Hamilton-Cave Lloyd

I’d like to continue as a trustee to continue to build upon the work we’ve accomplished and begun! RHF has a long history of service to the BAME community in Brighton & Hove. Achieving charitable status this past year and realising the Third Party Reporting Centre is the end of the beginning – not the beginning of the end! There is still so

much more to do building upon these successes to effect positive change for the lives of BAME people in our city.


Please list the skills and experience that make you a good trustee


I have been a positive change activist all my life and have considerable experience campaigning for equality and diversity in both the public and private sectors from both an objective appreciation and lived experience. I have personnel and project management experience and skills gained in the Civil Service and my own businesses, and as a senior faith leader. I am an experienced charity trustee and have a wide range of skills to bring to the board.